Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Keen Society:

Every once in awhile, people write to us asking for advice on nutrition and their health. We'd like to share with you one such letter:

Dear Keen Society,
I am a 45-year-old woman and about 10-15 lbs over my goal weight. I have tried everything – SlimFast, Atkins, and not eating. Nothing’s working! My doctor keeps telling me to continue a healthy diet and exercise but I don’t think my body responds to that. What should I do?
Wants to look good for high school reunion
Nyc, NY

Dear Wants to look good,
First, you need to figure out whether your goal weight is a reasonable weight. There is a healthy range for weight – you may be on the heavier side but still be in the healthy range. That’s completely fine! Secondly, muscle weighs more than fat, so more important that weight is WAIST size. According to some doctors, the ideal waist size can be calculated as half your height in inches. Thirdly, your doctor was right; diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight. Try getting an RMR test to see if you and your doctor can design a weight-loss plan specifically for you.
Best of Luck,
Keen Society

Keep the questions coming!


  1. i'm glad you asked, absolutben. an RMR test is a resting metabolic rate test. it tells you how many calories your body needs at rest to perform its normal daily processes. everyone is different and what is a lot for one person is little for another. this test allows people to get individualized information about their body to help with their weight goals.